Things, can only get…

via Daily Prompt: Better

Decided to give this Daily Prompt thing a shot, and today’s prompt is “Better”. When I hear the word “Better”, this is the first thing that comes into my mind:

Sorry, wrong video!

I mean this:

Okay, that’s better!

Now, that video above, is Labour Party’s most famous Party Political Broadcast, “Do It” – but most people call it “Things Can Only Get Better”, after the song used for the PPB. Trust me, it’s the best 2 minutes and 50 seconds of your life.

This Party Political Broadcast won Labour a majority government twenty years ago, with Tony Blair as the Prime Minister of the UK. It was a shame that his quality as a politician (and perhaps, as a person even) declined after becoming a war criminal. It was so bad that the UK landed last place at the Eurovision in 2003, although their Eurovision song that year was underwhelming to begin with (but you know, Blair was the last nail on the coffin).

Who would have known, twenty years later, 1997!Tony Blair was given a second lease at life – in the form of Emmanuel Macron, the newly-elected President of France.

Unlike the original Tony Blair though, he does not have an iconic party political broadcast to begin with, so instead, he does the bottle flip challenge:

(sorry man, I can’t find any of Macron’s political ads/party political broadcasts/etc as of the moment so have this instead, because the original Blair would fail at this)

So are things getting better?

Well, if you considered the fact that France saved their asses from electing a fascist and elected 1997!Tony Blair, then yes, things are getting better. France just has to be sure that their new President does not end up in the same dark path as Tony Blair that is becoming a war criminal.

Twenty years later and Europe is given a second shot at what they could have done right in 1997. Maybe France is better than the UK in this whole “electing a dude like Tony Blair” business.

And to France (and Europe), I only have this to say: