Eurovision 2017 Semifinal 2 predictions

Welcome back to my Eurovision 2017 predictions. This time, I’m off to predicting Semifinal 2.

But before that, let me show you my Semifinal 1 predictions vs. the actual results.

Predicted Qualifiers: Armenia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Australia, Portugal, Montenegro, Georgia, Cyprus and Belgium

Actual Results: Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Australia, Cyprus and Belgium

*countries bolded in the actual results are the countries on my Semifinal 1 predictions

It’s a 7/10 for me for Semifinal 1 which is not that bad – especially that Portugal and Belgium made it into the finals (although I genuinely feared that they wouldn’t). For Portugal, being the only entry to be sung in its country’s native language gave it an edge. For Belgium, I could say they just got lucky. Do remember that Belgium ranked last in the Press Poll.

Lastly, Montenegro was robbed and this is all I have to say about it:


Now moving on, here are the countries up for competition on Semifinal 2:


Most of my favorites are in Semifinal 2 so it’s not hard for me to predict who qualifies (unlike in Semifinal 1 where I only had two favorites, mind you, SF1 was a bit underwhelming in terms of the songs).

Eurovision 2017 Semifinal 2 qualifiers [predictions]

12 Points – Bulgaria – Kristian Kostov with “Beautiful Mess”

10 Points – The Netherlands – O’G3NE with “Lights and Shadows”

8 Points – Denmark – Anja with “Where I Am”

7 Points – Ireland – Brendan Murray with “Dying To Try”

6 Points – Switzerland – Timebelle with “Apollo”

5 Points – Estonia – Koit Toome and Laura with “Verona”

4 Points – Israel – IMRI with “I Feel Alive”

3 Points – Belarus – Naviband with “Story of my life”

2 Points – Norway – JOWST with “Grab The Moment”

1 Point – Croatia – Jacques Houdek with “My Friend”


The predictions I made may not be 100% accurate just as anybody else’s. This is just something I do for fun like the rest of the fandom does.

As for Semifinal 2, there may or may not be livetweets from me since I’ve got a commitment on that day that coincides with SF2. However, I will surely react to the results both on Twitter and on the Grand Finals prediction post as soon as I can.