What Sofia’s Doughnuts isn’t

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon a blog whose name sounds like it’s a doughnut shop. Let me be the one to break it to you, this isn’t a doughnut shop or a food blog. Just a blog talking about anything under the sun whose name happens to sound like a doughnut shop.

If you are seriously looking for doughnuts right now and would rather not be bothered by non-doughnut related content, proceed here. If not, carry on reading this post.

I’m the neighborhood karaoke bar¬†regular that your drunk relatives warned you about. I’m also your neighborhood so-called political analyst whose only experience is calling the politicians I hate stupid¬†(well not really, this is just self-depreciation, I can do more than just call an awful politician stupid). Lastly, I’m your neighborhood meme generator, or at least that’s what my friends see me as.

I also love doughnuts, which I pretty much made reference in on this blog’s name and URL.

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